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. it was pandemonium in san francisco. >> how big is this for the city of san francisco. this is also does,. this is of come! is also does,. this is of come! (cheers & applause) overwhelming ! (cheers & applause) as you might imagine they were happy with the win. excitement everywhere you concede the shots. the streets of san francisco. we'll have more reaction from fans throughout the morning on the kron for more in a spirit >> pablo sandoval named the in the p. he took home the trau during this series. it was amazing. we will have more giants coverage throughout the morning keeping my right here on kron 4. >> we have the beautiful weather this weekend this morning waking up to areas of fog. how long with the stretch of whether last. etiquetrica has your morning weather. >> we have a dense fog advisory in effect for the san francisco bay. it is a foggy start to the morning you may encounter some drizzle. visibility down to 0101 at the 37 interchange not seen much in santa rosa and napa. particular annoyance call for the north bay power in one spot check out half moon bay. all of the area
. >> the city shut down david letterman had to make some changes. we have no studio audience but by god we have quite a show for you. >> president obama and republican challenger mitt romney altered or canceled campaign stops. >> and i.m. at paine reporting. >> a ripple effect is caused by the storm. video from s f ocean and the cancellations on the flight status for dozens of flights. officials recommend you call your airline or go check your flight online before heading to the airport to confirm your flight. bay area chapters of the red cross super storm sandy. meanwhile the red cross is conducting blood drives in unaffected states. officials said they have been 100 blood drive campaigns in 11 east coast is already due to the storm. >> on hurricane sandy when that storm is now and where it is expect to go. plus a look at our weather. >> to put some of this into perspective 13 ft. storm surge flooded manhattan's tip. sandy has been downgraded to a poster of all cyclone. we saw the maximum sustained winds of 60 mi. per hour. i want to take a wider look at the storm and you can see how massive i
and one-half miles to city hall. it will be all hands on deck for bart as the transit agency expects record ryder ship with giant fans across the bay area heading to the parade. the best way to avoid long lines heading to the giant parade is to purchase a roundtrip ticket. also bart is recommending that daily commuters get to the station and hour earlier than usual in anticipation of large crowds going to the city. >> our daily commute riders left to be at work at 9:00 a.m. in the city need to know they need to leave a lot earlier p. >> the lots are open to the ppublic after 10:00 a.m.. >> there will run more buses this morning and afternoon if you are coming from across the bay more ferries will be running as well. if you are going to the parade here is the route. it will start near the ferry building heading west on market street. then it will make a right turn on mcalester from there it will go 4 blocks to civic center plaza. at civic center there will be a stage set up for the victory celebration. crosstrees along market and mcallister streets will be closed for much of the day.
conditions. check out antioch. 69 degrees and union city. towards the north bay a nice comfortable day. petaluma. novado. downtown san francisco mid '60s and it looks like oakland will see 66. as we take a look at your weather headlines. sunny, mild. it looks like we will be slightly warmer towards tomorrow. with the decent conditions for the weekend and we have changes for the next workweek. temperatures will be cooling but the potential for wet weather continues. more on that coming out. in the meantime, your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will see warm conditions just in time for the weekend. in the traffic center, yes there is overnight construction but not monitoring in the hot spots. this is the approach to the bay bridge looking decent at all of the approaches. the san mateo bridge is only 13 minutes no problems of the 101/92 interchange. and also looking good coming from marin county. the green on the sensors for the east shore freeway on west 24 it is currently training.-raining-h west-24. towards the south bay near 87 also a little bit of a precipitation but towards the north
visibility from oakland to the city. the san mateo bridge showing free-flowing traffic. and the 880 interchange is 13 minutes from one end. and the golden gate 1 0 1. the drive in coming out of the north bay. and on our traffic maps and downs of blfog various. be mindful of the cars in front of you but the rest of the bay looking decent. the westbound 24. walnut creek through the san ramon valley and as we turn our attention to west 580. one of the first areas will be the altamont pass. but still plenty of greens on the roadway. >> thank you. ross mirkarimi is officially back on the job this morning as he was reinstated. four of the votes however called for his permanent removal of official misconduct. he pleaded " guilty " to misdemeanors. and gas prices are also continuing to increase over the bay area, slightly. over to last week. triple a saying that the prices you can seize san francisco is down one penny you can see in the san francisco the prices. according to aaa. last week the price is in san francisco for nearly $4.73. after a lengthy delay it is finally mission accomplish
teachin >> we are following a fire in union city there are nine businesses that are impacted by this fire and a firefighter was injured. >> we will show you what is fueling a another fire. >> both of the bay area baseball teams live to see another day. we will show you why all of the a's fans were not happy. >> in let's get a quick check on the forecast with aircraft. >> some light showers are passing through and is starting to wrap a round. slowly but surely the temperatures will start to impact southern california. we have seen spotty showers and some lightning. let's take a there is up for four days for the upper bay and i will show you where these numbers are expected to go and afternoon. >> keeping an eye on the bay bridge as we will see most of the trafficking in is picking up. there is an accident and is a motorcycle that is blocking the second line to the left. this can all seoul have injuries. >> what can you tell us will? >> the firefighter received a cut hand from broken glass. he should recover but what is happening is that they took a break for a while and that f
good things are happening in the city. for winning game 4 when a trip to game 5 but we are facing the best pitcher in all of baseball just denver lander. he is--justin verlander he has lost in oakland and we hope he loses again tonight. >> let's hope the momentum is solidly behind the a's as we go in game 5 this evening. >> a potential break and a 24 year-old case of the missing hayward girl. police are testing a bone fragment that is linked to the speed freak killers. mchale disappeared after a man snatcher from a hayward store in 1988. the victim's mother said they called her and told her they were testing their remains and it is likely to be her daughter. hayward police are expected to discuss the case later today. new reports say that there remains linked to the killers were not properly identified. they said that they were mixed and because of the large equipment that was used to dig. the men that were convicted of four murders were suspected of killing a dozen women during the 1980's and 90's were high on methamphetamines. the city has apologized for a botched job. taking a
tillites going out towards foster city. golden gate- southbound. tail lights however also looking decent. andr traffic maps the green showing could conditions from 1 0 1 coming out of coyote valley. with good conditions. check out the east shore. with wind speeds at 50 m.p.h. but no problems. 680 through san ramon with--vehicle speeds at 50 m.p.h.--and also muni public transportation is offering extra routes. with extra bus service and opti als to out the city. >> thank you. there have been five deadly shootings this week in oakland. they have been working overtime. these murders are not connected but part of the city-wide crime problem. police chief, howard jordan called the aid operation " cease-fire " cured of order, this church pastor says that this is not go far enough. >> this is one of the most dangerous cities in america. then i think that we need to declare oakland a state of emergency. then we have just described what is happened in oakland with five murders within 18 hours. >> the police chief, the city council they should say that this is enough is enough this is not afghanis
october 10th of for alarm fire ripped through a strip mall at union city. we understand that least one firefighter has been injured. the fire happened just after 1:00 this morning. dozens of firefighters, alameda county hayward, fremonte are n firefighter was injured in received a bad cut on the back of his hand and everything else should be fine. there are no plans at this time that there are lots of people of this particular place. investigators a wedding with the firefighters to wrap ups it will be a couple of hours before they go into this place. to find out exactly what happened. the you so much in the interval the nine businesses have been impacted. they're not sure how many have been destroyed s. but they say as many as nine have been touched by the fire. in the meantime you conceive of the personnel still here there are still some people in this place as in to the employees or owners of the businesses they're not going anywhere. they keep staring at the firefighters of hoping the firefighters quickly control the spread of the hot spots. i will talk to an investigator come bac
it will be adding about 50,000 to its payroll. awild poisonous are hiring workers as well this year. city officials in oakland are looking at new ways to china curve of the violence will explore that problem coming up with the kron 4 news continues >> and we're back is for 14 a harvard professor has won the nobel prize for economics. >> he got a call from the committee early this morning and had to be convinced that it was not a prank. he will share the $1.2 million prize with a ucla professor they both did work on mathematics in supplying the principles of supply and demand in innovative ways they are the upper seventies for san leandro. meet a is for walnut creek. pittsburgh 85 degrees and alameda gets to a comfortable 75 degrees. of our friends in the north bay to match their mid '80s of novato. 82 in san raphael 82 in petaluma. ocean beach 66 degrees in downtown san francisco a nice pleasant 74 degrees. here's a look at your 7 day her around the bay forecast. we are warming things up tomorrow and thursday. thursday looks great! light summer conditions. plenty of fault in some areas of morning f
. $4.73. last week we were paying $4.27 that of 465 and just in that city. $4.67 across the bridge last week it was $4.80. in oakland a jump of 495 compared to seven to school. and in san jose its hostile $4.67. $4.20 last week the governor realizes what's going on he is asking the california air resources board to tell the refineries to start producing the winter blamed if that happens that will bring more supply more gas and to the supply area that means more gas will be available and hopefully that will drive down prices. if not we're looking at approximately $5 a gallon in the next week or so. and that's-that she will probably go up a little bit more than that. how long that's going to stay we are not exactly sure. this will also translates to more at the stores because now it will cost the stores much more to ship the products that we buy bread food everything else. a lot of people are already making jokes maybe it's time for them to bust out their bikes backed you dari. oh yes and of course is not biking weather. thanks a lot leal. >> that's turn our attention to politics when dec
into the city. all of the san mateo bridge, no delays. towards the nimitz. and the toll plaza showing the bridge spans the tail lights are from foster city. no incidences to report. from the 192 interchange. the golden gate, also no problems of the visibility and not even any cars and our vision. and as we take a look at our traffic maps westbound 24 slow. cellphones 680 is also a problem-free. southbound-680 is also a problem-free. however, this a real westbound 580 through the old, and pass it is also smooth sailing. you are cruising approaching the interchange. >> and amtrak train carrying 169 oneself derailed after this big rig and train collided. it finally stopped after about troubling 6 ft.. mild/moderate injuries were sustained by passengers with even some having a broken bones. the truck driver also had minor injuries believe it or not. that trial continues today for the woman accused of killing the bay area nursing student. prosecutors say that esteban stock michelle s talked...michelle lei.. her body was found in alameda county haazig madyun was in court yesterday. jealousy that turne
because of the higher volume of traffic into the city as we continue to the 6:00 hour. the san mateo bridge is a good alternate for you if your coming from the nimitz freeway. head up the loot was no one if you're trying ahead and to san francisco. they're taking 20 minutes to get between hayward and the foster city side the bridge. no problems of the north bay towards the golden gate bridge. it is still a smooth ride to downtown san francisco. the east shore freeway is trouble-free all playdown to the oakland a's. just remember you have all that traffic waiting for yet at the toll plaza. walnut creek looks good no problems there and telling towards 580 this is the slowest commute for now. it is jammed up from 2 05 margin on to west land at to the all to my id is going to be a slow commute is stop and go. less than 50 m.p.h. as we have to the 680. it should be trouble-free as you head into the northbound traffic. if you're heading to the airport this morning you will see no problems on 11 or highway 280 as you work your way through san francisco and down to the south bay. >> make sur
are hot. >> correct i went to daly city. and yesterday i was thinking upper 50s but it reached 86 degrees. everybody was in the same boat. however, let us take a look the weather headlines. it is a clear start to the morning. with cloud coverage along the coast. at other than that, a warmer start with the '60s and '70s as we fourth go towards this afternoon sunny and warm. in fact it depends on when the sea breeze will kick on if it gets later. there could be eight other beach day with mid-70s for some of the coast areas around the bay. off certainly, after that fog dissipates 60s. and a 77 degrees in antioch. '70s in daly city. it is a relatively warm start. still contending from that yesterday's heat. the upper 50s in vallejo mid-60s in downtown san francisco. the futurecast showing by lunch, cooler than yesterday. with the '70s and '80s. as we go for this afternoon just a few areas are in the '90s. livermore, concord and places like morgan hill. you see pleasanton, 90 degrees. expect temperatures to be about 10 degrees cooler compared to what we saw yesterday but another gorgeous day.
fremont street. a good drive with no issues. westbound looking decent through foster city. and southbound 1 0 1 with no issues of visibility. the overnight construction. northbound 101. fruit marin county. and we are not seeing any delays. through-. county. also looking decent on these interstate 280 so cruising through cupertino. the roadways sensors between mountain view. these ithelma police are investigating another homicide. this was after the 2300 block and east san jose. this officer was involved with this shooting was gang-related. it is the 36th homicide in san jose for this year and also in vallejo. this was after a police stand off right around 6:00 p.m. this is video. and when authorities arrived two victim's were suffering from gunshot wounds. and they both died. there was a hostage situation. he surrendered to police about 45 minutes later. this is the 12th and 13th homicide in vallejo this year. the measure of deputies involved in a shooting near caltran. and he was shot with non- life threatening injuries. the san jose police department is currently investigating. it happe
foster city at the golden gate bridge and live look shows southdown 101 this problem free no issues with visibility. over to our traffic maps 586 interchange no accidents or the nimitz freeway. no backups on the approach for those heading to the san mateo bridge. james >> thank you erika now on to some news we cont.69 break in a homicide investigation of a retired schoolteacher and a mother for police have found the missing subaru of susie koe. >> donna and burn a washington lawyer--the couple is being spoken to about why they have the victim's car. >> recovering the vehicle is a real key to the case. we're not saying that these two are suspect at this time they are people of interest and may be able to point to someone who may be the suspect. >> the autopsy shows that the victim died of multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma. >> new details now in the developnoo. th to said his department relied on experts to win that dick and his heart goes out to that family and all the victims. both men were convicted of four murders were suspected of killing a dozen people in the '80s and
down friday and>> ty bridge is out oakland into the city the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza moves well as a couple of cars on the road. traffic moves freely from all the approaches with no metering lights to deal with. here on the san mateo bridge west bound traffic tell lies towards foster city no approach on the south coming down the nimitz freeway. at the golden gate no issues with visibility southbound 101 a pretty smooth and easy ride coming out of marin county. westbound 580 in oakland we do have reports of debris blocking some of the left flank. certainly be aware of that it could become a hot spot. not seeing any yellow or red on our re roadway sensors. and napa we do have a problem no--a severe traffic colored insect and accident on the on ramp the chp says that you could run into delays this morning. avoid the area if you can. >> james. >> thank you erica on to dow3 >> where bad giving him a quick check of the markets. >> from the corporate world today of three industries close appositive yesterday's. the dow is up 120 points nasdaq also up 36.3001 01 s and p closi
bridge toll plaza looks good. wet if you are out of oakland to the city. here is the san mateo bridge westbound traffic moves well a couple of cars from the span. the problems getting to the bridge coming down the nimitz freeway. the drive is 13 minutes from end to end. southbound 101 currently reigning coming into san francisco as we take it o see west bound by a slowing coming out of the altamonte pass. still singling on our roadway centers approaching downtown livermore approaching the dublin 586 interchange. face of the air traveller in effect for eastbound highway 12 and this is in vallejo. we have a jack knife tractor-trailer blocking the eastbound lane. the chp says you could expect some delays you may have to detoamerican canyon road is probably the best bet. those of you heading to the sierra--starting at kings failed to donner lake. >> in other news a house fire in castro valley least five people without a home. the one alarm fire broke out late last night shortly before 5:00 p.m.. according to fire officials the final started on a dry air in the bathroom caught fire and the
and is being celebrated with the san francisco twist in the center of the city. barbeques and berbers and dogs cold beers are guzzled while kids slide down the slide in the playground. >> days like this are reasons why people-that's this is a beautiful day >> godsowe are drinking and mingling with our other friends here at the park. >> across the street in line for ice cream at the buy right creamery wraps around the block. >> out of his work a 35 minute wait. >> kids use the drinking fountain to cool off while big kids calling themselves the squirt gun mafia have a water balloon and water gun war on the grass. >> it's a great day to get soaked. >> but while the top for san franciscans some ladies are drinking pink champagne in the shade. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> it looks like today will be a another triple digit whether day for people out in the east. the third in the row so far. >> the cost in use public transportation for ryder by we are asking that you--this year has seen more spare their days than last year and it will be pretty tough the this afternoon once again. >> from the mornin
comfortable right now. you can see how clear it is in the city right now, no fog to speak up. if you get a chance come out and enjoy it. they're people running, walking their dogs. if you're going to do it now is the time before the heat starts to set in. it is going to be much hotter and land in the bay area, if you get a chance this is a great place to start your morning. >> he said the same thing yesterday do the work out early. it was so sunny and hot yesterday. >> almost a carbon copy for today. here's a live look for more rubicam. blue skies once the sun comes out. clear skies this morning, warm pretty quickly '60s right now we're well on the way this seeing '70s. sonny still hot this afternoon temperatures in the '80s and '90s for most of the bay area. we will hit the century mark for some locations in the east. it will take a little while to start to cool things off. the danville is 1 01 livermore 100 fairfield the same thing. walnut creek you're gonna be about 9899 degrees. we could hit the center march south of sound san jose. by noon time widespread '80s. look for another scor
to sketchers and get damaged their as well. far as the city is concerned with the cleanup. they have been picking up the garbage as part of a bon fire. this garbage was so full of debris that they had to take it up and drop it off and then come back. they stated that there were damages on valencia and some police cars were spray paint. let's just walk up and down here to show you the layout. this risk this storethere are storesh graffiti. just to give you a another look at garbage cans this one was set on fire and it smells awful out here. there are television sets that were thrown in the middle of the street and look get this shot here. that will be here for quite some time. i talked with a few business owners and they refused to go on camera. they statedwe love this time of year and it is october and this is the second time for our team. >> here are pictures that we have a people who were celebrating around san francisco. i have been sharing some things on facebook and these are pictures that i have found of the team. we like for you to share your pictures with us on our facebook page.
. the fans just loved it and they were standing there for hours waiting for the team to arrive. o city halld that the parade will take a slightly different route t. the parade will start at market street and then go down to the civic center plaza. they will have a giant screens so that everyone can see and hear the players' speeches. people way in the back up of the plaza will still be able to see and hear what is going on. they are looking for about a million people to a packed the area. chicheteach the golden gate ferry and caltran will be offering ways for you to get around to the parade. a another great way is for you to just get home and watch it on tv where kron 4 will have a life period. we will stay on the air tomorrow morning and we air tomorrow morning and we get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. >> there are 16 people at least there were confirmed to have
or getting to 83 in oakland 82 in san leandro mid '80s for union city as well as fremont and along the peninsula we're expecting about one tillich'low to mid '8d the north bay getting to about mid to upper 80s 85 in the bottom of 87 expected to runway sensors. the drive 23 minutes out of novato into the city. down to the peninsula of the bay shore relied most low. a quick reminder the san mateo bridge will be shutdown beginning tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. that will last until monday 5:00 a.m.. they will expect to reopen the lanes. the dumbarton bridge or the bay bridge will be halted routes. keep in mind is not only impact of this coming weekend was to the same lane closures with the same times as we head into next weekend as well james. >> thank you erica bay area baseball the san francisco giants had a rough one in st. louis. giving up game 3 to the cardinals' final score 3-1. the giants with a loss st. louis leads the championship series two-one. it was a web when they're on the field both have great performances on the mount. the cardinals turned one bad pitch by matt came into a to
. with no metering lights and decent speeds. well out towards foster city with no problems getting to the nimitz freeway. and this live look at the golden gate showing no issues of visibility. with lots of space between cars we need more days like this in san francisco. >> we need more days like this in san francisco. >> locals, tourists, enjoyed the mild weather. maure these crowds generated big bucks. >> check out these people for chrisy field. some are watching the blue angels air show. others at the water were waiting and watching for the america's cup racing. two of the big draws on sunday. hundreds of thousands are flocking to the city. using public transportation. bart had a new record. 320,000 purchasing tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay for a ticket purchased. when there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was exchanging hands at the castro district. green for cold beer. and also, cash for charity like " cheer us up ". they were having great luck for donation solicitation. >> this is great. >> the pa
of novato and to the city. james >> not to the latest on the meningitis out break have affected thousand up across the country. we now know how received those recalled shots. the state is in touch with the four facilities that receive the so-called medications. 13,000 people have been infected or at least receive those steroids to nine people have died and more than 100 others have been sickened. none of the deaths have occurred in california. the shots were used to treat pain in your back, shoulders, and niece. in a pharmacy in massachusetts. federal health officials say many of the cases have some mild and some people have had strokes. >> now the latest on the murder of a ret retired bay area teacher. the victim husband called a neighbor when--and never found her on the floor of her home on resp weekendo memory. at least 200 people showed up to this of. some of them are friends with susie akoe. her friends could not leave something like that had happened to their friend susie. >> she was a beautiful beautiful lady. so nice and everything. . >> out here you concede the candles that have be
. satellite and radar however -- 60 degrees, maybe 61 in redwood city and heyward. other than that contending with upper 50s. mid 50s for daily system. futurecast shows where temperatures will go by lunchtime. check out 12:00 pm. all the green on your screen in north bay for places like heyward, we are only talking 60s, could see 70s for valley and places like san jose. into the afternoon highs, again keeping the green indicating 60s. however the majority of us will see 70. the orange indicates where we are sitting on the border of upper 70s, low 80s. if we see any 80-degree readings it will probably be for delta and livermore valley. cooler conditions, temperatures took a nose dive compared to what we saw monday and tuesday. we saw upper 90s in south bay today, we're sitting in the 70s. 78 expected in campbell. those 90s are long gone because we are only going to climb to the upper 70s for pittsburgh. 69 in castro valley, 67 for sammy and row. we'll see the sunshine into the north bay. 63 for richmond, low 60s if you are headed to ocean beach. looking at the big weather story, we have low cl
block of rogers in san jose. no word on a suspect this bork's the city's--who will bring you a live report in 10 minutes. firefighters in san francisco are battling a one alarm fire in the mission district reported shortly after 2:00 a.m. this morning. just off the intersection of michigan and volunteers street spher >> and the tidetroit tigers to plead and beg small game with the oakland a's >> it was a great season. i lost my voice is exciting. >> do you still believe in the tape. >> most definitely nobody expected anything like this it was amazing. an amazing run. i enjoyed the ride >> how can you be angry who would have thought that would of cotton this are so i'm nothing but happy it is what came back and they always did a good thing you're not going to win it allows for it once. >> i'm happy with what they did. >> we had a great season only thing that is disappointing that we did not and and that we had an unbelievable season. >> we show that we were with it all the way to the very end you could not lead to the end of the game because anything could happen with these oakland a
in downtown san francisco. 63 in redwood city. very important giants forecast first pitch at 5:07 p.m. on and off showers and temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. >> your kron 47 day of around the bay forecast of the show we are not done with the wet weather. too small systems rolling through till tuesday into wednesday as well. keep those umbrellas had handy. looks like we will be clearing things out by thursday. law by friday. a mix of sun and clouds temperatures i commute i don't know if there are any injuries associated with this accident. this certainly something to be aware of plans are to reopen at the san mateo bridge sometime this hour does not look like that has occurred just get this is something we will be monitoring throughout the morning. fisher approached the bay bridge toll plaz wet that drive time just 25 minutes out of novato into the city. >> thank you erica. let's talk a bay area baseball talk of the town is the san francisco giants forcing a very decisive game action 7 in the national league championship. they beat the cardinals 6-1. five runs early on by the
. to the north bay and napa 60 degrees. 59 for richmond. 594 daly city and 63 in san bruno. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows still contending with wet weather as we head into tomorrow. it could adversely impact game one of the world series. more details on that coming up in just a bit. dry eonditions by friw ms to contend with. freeway still a bit wet, however no accidents. san mateo bridge is open note issues to contend with for ya west bound ride heading closer to the 1 01 interchange. here on our traffic map screed on our roadways sensors. no accidents to poke fourth interstate 580 of the nimitz ainsse o ex on its way to the e station. the time is 4:08 a.m. we will be right back. welcome back time 2:00 p.m. they look at the market in an update. early losses on wall street yesterday leading indexes with a modest gain at the close of trading. here's a look at the numbers. the dow jones just over 13,345. up 2.38. the nasdaq up 111. the was a disappointing batch of earnings including hasbro for some companies. >> not to politics the battle isboca raton and the 2012 debates are h
coming up with will recap our top stories. the entire city of san francisco continue to celebrate the victory of the giants as they head to detroit for game 3 of the world series. a shooting at a strip mall in san jose sent a woman to the hospital and two others to jail. the women were taking into police custody after opening fire at a shopping center. the victim was walking outside of babies are as with her husband when she was hit. the motives are unclear. the police said the suspect and victim were acquainted. >> one protester is in custody following last night's occupied protests at frank ogawa plaza after. he was arrested for preventing an officer in the performance of duties. the only instance of violence reported was at the police station when a masked man to a rock towards police in riot gear. a hercules schoolteacher's out on bail after being caught with found more than a pot of mayor--a pound of marijuana in his car. he is facing several charges including marijuana for sale. police are investigating whether not he sold drugs to students. >> the giants a 2-0 lead in the w
at how beautiful the city is when everybody is together and everybody is being friendly. >> when cabrera was looking down upon it was difficult but now look at everybody. and no kudos t now---kudos to scutero.. game three will be on saturday 5:07 in detroit. vogelson will take the pitcher's mound against sanchez and then matt cain. as part of the major league association with the mall come back veterans association the welcome back to veterans' association he lost his left arm and both legs. he threw a strike to the giants and designated first speech to sergio. the first-patc patc -- the first throwing a pitch with barry zito and willie mays and also brian stowe. he was the giants ran the was nearly beaten to death and a vicious attack last year. he has since been continuing his recovery. and he also threw out another opening pitch earlier this year. >> stub hub has some tickets starting at $300. the most expensive are right behind the dugout at $2,100 per piece. we will keep you updated and if you can make it out there, more power to you. >> the world to -- the second game last night in
been working around the corclock to get things ready. city officials are stating that you should take public transit because they will have streets blocked. >> i can tell you what a difference an hour makes. there's still people honking and hollering at each other because the traffic is picking up. it is already difficult because the bear case that are out. there are streets thenormally make that t security guards are making sure that you are not crossing areas such you should not cross. i am at the beginning of mission and stored in nicosia flatbed truck here. this is where the flows will start together.ats will start togethe while they make their routes to the civic center that will be showered with love. >> why was it important for you to be here this morning? >> because we are champs and a bust their butts for us all year. they are our eyes. i woke up at to 30 a.m. this morning and i got here around 4:30 a.m.. a good chunk of me is same that but i know it will be worth it. >> what time did you get here? tice about 430 but i am up righ>> i arrived about 4:0 a.m.. i asked someone to
is coming out of city grou. thus-ti iti ge ceo of citi group is stepping down. what is one long? >> questions are going up weather and not he was the head funds manager and pti group's stock is up 5%. it >> consumer prices are going up due to gas prices. guess price are tend gas priceo bring the taxes of up and the prices down and then it tends to bring them back up. i am not really freaked out about this with this said consumer prices >> the time now is 6:49 a.m.. >> the high spot in whethe it is weather is warm. not contending with the dense fog this morning. there is swarming around the bay and they may climb to the upper 80s. thames will be in the '60s to 70's for tonight. we will be same some high clouds letter on this afternoon and i do want to bring your attention to some wet weather. this is really impacting organ but we do have warm conditions and all saw a flow means that the wins will be pretty dry. whenever we do have warm weather in the bay area the concern for fire danger occurs. we will not see a red flag warning. we just would like to keep this in mind. 81 degre
. definitely a place to avoid if you are traveling on city streets incentives go. it is not west portal. the west portal tunnel is close this will affect the muni lines. they're setting up a bus bridge for passengers. keep in mind they do have a bus bridge on the way that was bridge will take you to st. francis' circle to downtown tam francisco once again this is just for the k in from reported to the home back in front. firefighters had to pull back and lused their ladders to separate the fire. the man suffered burns to his hand he was able to remain conscious and go door to door telling his neighbors to get out my home is on fire. take care of yourself. that is when the neighbor's cat out to spread their bushes and the side of their homes to make sure it did not spread. apparently it worked because this is the only home damaged. during the firefighting process it was a concern there was ammunition inside the place. the ammunition was burned out before it could hurt anyone. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. the brother-in-law believes the fire started in the kitchen area
. it will be 86 and redwood city and to our east bay it will be at 90 degrees. it will be a piece in union city. it will be 88 for now about all. it looks like san bruno will come in at 82 degrees. let's take a look at our extended forecast. tomorrow will be warmer yet. and to 12:00 p.m. it will be some upper 70's and then as we pushed to 3:00 p.m. it will be about '90s and potential as for san francisco. and by friday we will have fall back into the forecast and we are tracking rain for monday and tuesday. keep your umbrellas handy. >> bad news for the ride on the san mateo bridge we are getting a report that a car is on its roof. the problem is that this accident and the number of emergency vehicles will make the westbound lanes blocked and a hazard in the other lies. even though the accident is on eastbound there is presently no big the lettuce but the emergency vehicles are coming and we do see that they are heading out west bound to attend to the accident from the center divider or to perhaps to block some of the lanes. this is the concern of an accident that was just reported. looking at
to the turf was a health hazard. there stating that they did not analyze--the city has are restated its they will replace artificial grass. >> and a second former official has been suspended in connection with a $4,500 strip club that was written off as a business expense. he is on paid leave and he has been ordered to return from his business trip and more than $4,000 in taxes and--and received estimate is stated that the gathering was for dinner and he has not commented since the expenses were made public. >> we need to take a quick break and will have more headlines coming up next. it is a very well it ride on 680 and vegetated looking to see all of this traffic. we will have an update on your commute coming up next. 4 news here is the top stories. >> the bridge reopened at 4:00 a.m. this morning and the san mateo bridge closed down on friday so that they could install new siding. caltran officials stated that it should not have to be closed next weekend. >> a man has been shot and killed by vallejo police and another man is in custody after this day was a drug rampage. there were ca
is the deadline for city colleges of san francisco to provide the reasons to the accreditation commissions why it should remain open. citing leadership weaknesses the commission sent a letter earlier this year say-l ohe pled guilty to a mr. boehner count of false imprisonment. >> it is 6 04 a m in new this morning police in oakland are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man overnight. will trend is live in east oakland. what do they know right now wheel. >> they do know that this was not a drive-by shooting because they saw the bullet casings near his body. this indicates that whomever shot him walked up to him shot multiple times and probably fled on foot. investigation is ongoing. here's video from the scene he was shot near the intersection at bancroft and hilton around 1:00 a.m. in the morning. he is a man in his twenties he was still breathing at the time the officer ride and was taken to the hospital. doctors tried to save his life but cannot. we do not know if he lived at the home or was visiting someone at the time. when officers of ride they were monitoring the location. a w
paulo hit a home run in the ninth inning i think we will have to step up. i'm a believer i know the city of san francisco is a believer i k we nh'se seaa are at the beginning of a cool down. san francisco now and 62 degrees miles this morning warming to about 70 this afternoon. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin leandro. partly cloudy conditions along the coast 6 is for ocean beach. seventies for san francisco. oakland 70 degrees. satellite and radar the show clouds of the bay area low pressure is building it. with that expect cooler weather and potential the showers as we head into next monday. >> >> less take a look at bay area gas prices the trend is that they have been coming down slowly. another 3¢ down over yesterday's. $54.59 and oakland. in san jose $4.49. for an average down and ran gas. h
. to again look at temperatures currently 57 out of the door 64 in hayward upper 50s in daly city as we take those fifties into the afternoon with a woman into the '70s for south bay evergreen at 78 degrees 76 in palo alto and 75 in mountain view. most sunny conditions allow temperatures for inland east a spots 79 degrees and 77 in walnut creek. the mix of sun and clouds and the north bay 75 santa rosa. downtown 7 cisco of the '60s 64 heading to ocean beach. kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows big changes as we start the next four weeks rain fog a ride to the north bay as early as sunday evening. it loo
of oakland city hall. people with the occupy movement status is that will take over the plaza and again. the police stated this they will be out to make sure that it does my get out of hand. >> hercules police department charge of these facing other charges like carjacking in carrying a gun. she was found dead in her home from stab wounds. chich >> the gas prices are dropping about 5¢. the south bay they're dropping to about $4.33. chichethere we40 c the giants won the game 8 to 3. chi >> the survey shows that romney is favored by 40% and president obama is favored by 45 percent. what matters most--the post stated that is still to be favorepresident s still favored. >> 6:41 a.m.. these fans celebrated last night's win for the san francisco giants. chicthis is what the giants are all about and this is just phenomenal. they have so many qualities and he carried the game out and we are so, so proud. (cheers & applause) we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into somet
see a million people born to this city are the next 3/8--over the next three days. we will see people pouring in across san francisco taking in these events. the blue angels is going to be the big one of the weekend. there is a host of other events that will be taken place. the big one once again is fleet week that will happen over the skies in the bay of san francisco.he could watch the from just about anywhere in san francisco. the american cup is taking place on saturday. at the bluegrass festival is in golden gate park. the giants' playoff run is at at&t park this sunday. the 49 years will be plying the buffalo bills on sunday. the last thing we want to do is discourage people from coming, it is going to be a great weekend. just be aware that there's going to be a lot of people. we suggest you take mass transit. carpool or robotic there are all kinds of ways to get to and from these events. parking is going to be an issue. if you have to drive, to not be discouraged be patient. most importantly just have fun and it's going to be a great time. >> there are extended hours and tram's
save. >> 6:35 a.m. is the time right now president obama is waking up in the city. he was with a hundred people who pay $20,000 a piece to have dinner with him. the fund raiser was hailed with 6000 supporters. >> the centerpiece of romney's economic plan is secured towards the wealthy. do not boo, you need to vote. he stood up on stage during the debate and promised that his tax cuts would include top one percent. but most of the economist who crunch the numbers show that governor romanies plan would blow up3 is outside aware of the president is waking up at. here we are at 6:37 a.m. he is scheduled to leave that 9:25 a.m.. we have three hours in between so he will have breakfast and then he will start to get on the move and then we can see traffic being affected. he is headed to all high heel to campaign there. mitt romney will be joining him in ohio. and remember there is the vice-president debate on thursday and the next presidential debate is for october the 16th. you can watch to both of them on comcast channel 193. >> apple is responding to a flair that is coming
beach. the citydaly city the kif is at 5:20 with temperatures in the '70s with a little bit breezy. your kron 4 7 day around the bay hot weather is relatively short lived. tomorrow we will continue with that cool down as we transition into the weekend. big changes monday, to stay with wet weather. and primarily in the north bay. temperatures are struggling to get even to moderate levels at the warmest inland areas next week. >> storm damage out of tennessee mobile home residents have been evacuated. you can see this toppled trees as this line of storms continued to move across the midsection. 50,000 outages reported in the giants midsection. this also bring out the giants came from st. louis. >> dangers wild fires. was rained out because of this same weather system. -- >> firefighters evacuating 100 homes because of the path of this fire. they have been working air tankers and ground attacks with 40 percent containment. it is only 25 peacres but this is very steep terrain. you can see the rugged, steep terrain on the 25 a.. the cause is still under investigation. >> this top health an in
're located however, where you are dealing with rain is pretty heavy in indunion city. r miss in the east bay right now curve the riding of altamonte pass. however we are seeing dry conditions closer to downtown livermore. for the 586-80 interchange. some spotted like to showers and to the north bay spread around san raphael and sausalito. it depends on where you're located in can be a pretty quick will consist of however, we still have the potential for running showers. and some residual moisture as we head into the afternoon. by 1:00 p.m. most the drive around the bay area and in fact we will see bricks of sunshine. later this evening it will be tried if we are looking a dry conditions for game 1 of the world series. as the red onion afternoon highs expect plenty of '60s. it is another chilly morning or afternoon with 65 degrees and mount you. 64 in sunnyvale. mid-60's for pittsburgh fairfield. up to the north bay 62 in petaluma. 63 year afternoon high in berkeley cooler in san francisco. >> we do have morning showers a mix of sun and clouds as we head into the afternoon. by thursday expect
in pleasanton and 62 in daly city. as we see where the numbers go as far as the afternoon by 12:00 p.m. lunch time we have to colors on the screen orange and yellow. it will be '70s for the inland area. as we push the clock and to 3:00 p.m. we will see at lot read on this claim. the red is only reserved for livermore. morgan hill will be the same. who was still see the sun shine in pretty comfortable conditions. 85 for a loss gatos and plenty of sunshine and low 90s 4 pleasanton. for north bay area it will be 83 and downtown san francisco will be about 79 degrees and 68 for ocean beach. if you are going to today's game it will be a game changer. they are facing the rangers and the first pitch is at 12:35 p.m.. this will be the perfect time to be out at the ball game. it will be sunny and warm and bring a tank top. they're calling for seven days from the bay and we do have the potential for wet weather. it is a 10 percent chance. the rain that we will see will be some spice tea at best. amid seven days. >> and the commute is still free of any hot spots and we do have some slow traffic in the e
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